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We created an online service to make your immigration easy

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Filing forms shouldn’t be inconvenient

We developed this product to make the immigration application process convenient, fast and affordable.


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online application


No more confusing government paper forms. You just answer questions online.

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We file your application online with USCIS. No need to print and mail documents.

Immigration attorney review

We know how important your U.S. immigration applications are. To make sure your application will be accepted and approved by USCIS, an independent experienced immigration attorney will review your application before filing it online with USCIS.

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24 hours filing


Your application will be reviewed and filed online in 24 hours.

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affordable fees


Our fees are 3-4 times lower than regular immigration attorney fees.

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How it works

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Choose a form

Choose the form you want to prepare.

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answer the questions online

Provide your personal information and upload documents. 
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Attorney will review your application

An experienced immigration attorney will review your applications to make sure everything is correct.
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attorney files your application online

Attorney will e-file your application with USCIS in 24 hours. You will be notified by email.
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get your case receipt number

Get your receipt number and receipt confirmation the same day.
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track your status online

You can track your case status online when sending it to USCIS.


We have successfully submitted hundreds of immigration applications. See what our clients think about our service.

Marriage based green card. Approved forms: I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765, I-864

We have submitted our marriage based green card application in April 2019. My work permit was approved in September 2019. Interview was scheduled in November 2019. We successfully passed the interview and my green card was approved the same day. I received my green card two weeks after the interview. Thank you so much for your help!

We Make Immigration Easy 14

Family based green cards. Approved forms: I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765, I-864

I didn’t know how to complete my wife and son’s family based green card applications. Using SelfLawyer’s online form was easy, I answered the questions and uploaded our documents online. My family members application were successfully approved and I saved money and time using SelfLawyer’s services. Will use this service again!

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Work Permit Approved

I used SelfLawyer to prepare my Employment Authorization and Social Security Number application form. I have submitted my form and supporting documents in September 2019 and got approved in October 2019. Having a work permit and Social Security Number allowed me to get my dream job of Junior Architect at Midtown Architect Bureau in New York City. Thank you!

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Travel document approved

I submitted my travel document application in July 2019 and I received my travel passport December 2019. My application was filed the same business day and I got unlimited support.



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Our latest immigration guides

We know you have a lot of questions about preparing and submitting your immigration forms. To help you with that we have prepared comprehensive immigration guides for you. Didn’t found your topic? Contact Us!

Immigration News Today

Immigration News Today

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