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About SelfLawyer

I created SelfLawyer as a new type of legal company that educates immigrants of their
rights, immigration laws and gives them access to the best practices to solve their legal
issues. This allows anyone with internet access to receive free legal information regarding
serious immigration issues.
When I worked at different immigration clinics as a law student, I realized how someone’s
legal expertise and knowledge can drastically change an immigrant's life forever. I also
realized that 80% of immigrants can’t afford an immigration attorney.
The United States is a unique country built by immigrants just like you and I, and I believe
that the U.S. provides unlimited opportunities for those that are willing to jump in and give
this country everything they’ve got.

As a lawyer I believe all immigrants must have equal access to legal services and the
support of an experienced, professional attorney who understands the challenges you
I created SelfLawyer to meet that need in a way that’s convenient and affordable.
If you have questions, please fill out the free consultation form below and I’ll do my best to
help you with your immigration case.

I look forward to becoming your long-term partner in your challenging but rewarding
immigration journey.


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Let us help you start your
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